3 Takeaways from Field Service USA 2022

3 Takeaways from Field Service USA 2022

Like most American consumers, I had no reason to understand the complexities and challenges companies face implementing an efficient field service strategy… until I spent five months without a working oven. From delayed parts, and service technician skill gaps, to a shortage in electricity wattage, and a too-narrow hallway – it all led to a lot of headaches and long baking hiatus at the Saucier House.

My education in the Field Service industry began when I joined TechSee in 2021. Outside of following some key Field Services experts like Sarah Nicastro , Alban Cambournac, Paul Whitelam, Ken Murdock, and  Anthony Mass . I didn’t have a deep understanding of the nuances and was quickly thrust into a world of Truck Rolls, First-Time Fix Rates, Job Verification, and Schedule Optimization. My first big foray into the space came at the November 2021 FSUSA event where critical topics like the acceleration of skilled technicians leaving the field, new cutting edge devices, and ever-expanding complexity in the equipment serviced were discussed. I was curious to learn what had changed from then to April 2022.

Top 3 Ideas that Punctuated April’s FSUSA 2022 Event

Need To Automate

The skills crisis is still a challenge, and the need to automate is only one component of creating a program to address the problem. According to The Service Council, 76% of service companies now outsource their field service and direct customer contact work to third-parties, resulting in an ever-increasing need to upskill and train non-employee technicians.

Digital Transformation Challenges

Budget constraints, use case definition, and adoption continue to dog digital transformation projects. One speaker described “pilot purgatory” as an endless testing cycle without clear direction. During TechSee’s automation round table, the diversity of support maturity was broad, ranging from phone-only support to starting a ticket directly from the machines.

Right to Repair

Right to repair governance and increasingly sophisticated IoT / sensors have created a new urgency for customer-executed preventative maintenance. At first glance, these two trends may look unrelated.  How do you ensure warranties remain intact?  How can you bring skilled support without traveling?


Overall the industry is undergoing a rapid transformation toward the digital. A deep need for automation and training, and visual guidance is on everyone’s mind. TechSee’s AI powered job verification system, Visual Journeys and TechSee Live solutions are valuable tools in the proverbial technician tool box.

Want more information about how TechSee can help augment your Field Service strategy, upskill outsourced technicians, and guide your visual digital transformation? Click here to set up some time.

Watch how TechSee for Salesforce Field Service Lightning uses Computer Vision AI to automatically verify technicians’ work, provide guidance from the knowledge base and enable real-time consultation with colleagues.

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