We Ate the Dog Food!

We Ate the Dog Food!

Well, not literally. It’s an expression used when employees, especially leadership, actually use their own products or services the same way a customer would. Here at TechSee we regularly eat dog food for quality assurance, but also because it’s fun and we really like using our products.

We recently held our annual Sales Kick-Off all-hands meeting. Like so many companies today, we were unable to meet in person as we would have preferred, but we still managed to get a lot of work done and have a little fun too.

TechSee Scavenger Hunt

TechSee Live is our premier product. It is primarily used to enable technicians and customer support agents to have eyes on the issue – to see what the customer sees. By sending a simple link via text / SMS, they can visualize the customer’s problem and walk them through a DIY fix in real-time. It’s really very powerful and very cool.

Maybe even cooler, though, is one of our newest products, Visual Journeys. This self-service tech allows companies to very easily create a step-by-step virtual guide to help their customers with just about anything, such as unboxing and setting up new tech, troubleshooting, capturing images for insurance…and my personal favorite – helping mom set up her new digital picture frame.

At our meeting, we had some fun with a hands-on tour of our Visual Journeys tool while learning more about each other on a virtual scavenger hunt.

Employees were given a QR code to participate, and then a series of tasks to complete right in the session using the photo capture feature on their phones. We snapped images of things like:

  • A pet, plant, person, or poetry
  • A photo of your view
  • An image of something that inspires you
  • Your latest binge
  • Sing a bit of a song using the record feature

It was a great way for everyone to engage with the technology we talk about every day. At the same time, we also got to know each other and have a laugh or two. Working globally in today’s virtual world doesn’t always allow us to enjoy our peers and colleagues as much as we would like, so any chance to engage with each other beyond a video call is more than welcome.

TechSee is not only creating cutting-edge, award-winning technology that is changing the way companies communicate and support their customers, but it’s also a great place to work (dog food included :)).

Cool tech. Cool people. Cool meetings (it’s true)

Here’s a look at some of the scavenger hunt submissions. We are always on the “hunt” for inspiration and fun – and new team members!


TechSee Live Hunt

TechSee Live Hunt

TechSee Live Hunt

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